4 Days Free WiFi Router in Japan

4 Days Free for All Eligible Applicants!

(*) Portable device, Unlimited 4G connection, High speed, User friendly and Shareable among friends

Campaign application period

20th Sep. 2017 ~ 28th Feb. 2018
Please be noted to register Wifi Router and campaign at least 2 days before departure (48 hours)

Eligible customers summary

Customers who purchase tickets on Vietnam Airlines and/or ANA operated flights with eligible itinerary at

  • Vietnam Airlines website
  • ANA website
  • Travel agencies

Why NINJA WiFi router in Japan?

You can share with others!

Smartphones and PCs can be used simultaneously by friends or family members with only one mobile WiFi router.

Benefits of NINJA WiFi

  • Unlimited data capacity

    High-speed 4G LTE can be used unlimitedly.

  • Usable anywhere

    Naver have trouble in Japan where few free WiFi spots exist.

  • Easy to use

    Just turn on the WiFi router and enter a password

  • Easy to receive and return

    Receipt and return can be completed in the major 9 airports

  • Usable by multiple persons and devices

    You can share internet with friends or family members

Vietnam Airlines and ANA bring JAPAN even closer!

10 routes between Vietnam and Japan and
25 domestic routes both within Japan and Vietnam.

  • Earn & Redeem miles

  • Fares with more flight options

  • Special Services for Lotusmiles and AMC Premium Members

How to Apply Hi Japan campaign?

  1. Purchase ticket with eligible itinerary at Vietnam Airlines website, ANA website or your travel agency.
  2. Click "Apply now" at this website, enter your ticket number and other required informations and obtain the coupon code.
  3. Reserve your NINJA WiFi router with the coupon code at NINJA WiFi website. How many days before do you have to reserve WiFi router?
  4. Pick-up your NINJA WiFi router at major 9 airports in Japan.
  5. Use the Wifi Router.
    Easy setting then enjoy the smooth internet in Japan
  6. Return Wifi Router.
    Return at the counter at selected airports in Japan

Campaign Details

NINJA WiFi coupon code will be provided to the eligible customers. The coupon code will be used in NINJA WiFi website and the eligible customer will enjoy free rental fee for NINJA WiFi router in Japan for four days.

Reservation of NINJA WiFi router must be at least 3 days before from pick-up date.
Please check details.

WiFi Router Campaign

Campain Application Period
Eligible Countries
Eligible Customers
  • Customers who purchase tickets on Vietnam Airlines and/or ANA opperated flights with eligible itinerary during campaign application period
  • Customers who purchase tickets on other airlines flights or codeshare flights markted by Vietnam Airlines or ANA oeprated by other airlines will NOT be eligible
  • Customers who hold mileage redemption tickets will NOT be eligible.
Eligible Itinerary
  • Itinerary must be round-trip originating from Vietnam cities to Japan
  • All flights in the itinerary must be operated by Vietnam Airlines or ANA and ticket number must start from 205 or 738

  • If eligible customer rent WiFi router for more than four days, 720 JPY (147,000 VND) per day for the NINJA WiFi router rental fee will be applied each day on customers own expense
  • One ticket number is eligible for one application only.

Lucky Draw Campaign

Campaign Application Period
Lucky Draw Winners Seletion
The selection will be done on 20th Jan. 2018
Winners will be notified via email
Winners have to inform their prize receipt information within 10 days after the notification email
Eligible Customers
  • Customers who are eligible customers for WiFi router campaign application
  • If a winner does not reply within 10 days after the nofitication email, he/she will loose prize
  • The Campaign Applicants are restricted to those who reside in Vietnam, not eligible for employee of Vietnam Airlines or ANA, its subsidiaries, affiliates, parent companies and joint venture companies, as well as members of their immediate families and households (including children and siblings and persons living in the same household).


This terms & conditions apply to the campaign of "Hi Japan! Campaign" (herein referred to as the "Campaign"). Those who wish to submit Campaign entries (herein referred to as the "Entrant(s)"), should read the following rules carefully and submit an entry only after agreeing to the campaign terms and conditions. It will be assumed that Entrants who submit entries are in agreement with the following content.
Vietnam Airlines Company Join Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as “VNA”) or All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ANA”) reserves the right to revise all or part of this terms & conditions at their own discretion without any prior notification to the Entrants. In such cases, said revisions shall go into effect from the time they are posted on the following site.
All matters of disputes arising from the campaign will be subjects to the final decision of ANA or VNA.
In the event of a discrepancy or conflict between the English and the translated version of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.
Campaign Period
October 1, 2017 (Sun) - February 28, 2018 (Wed)
Travel Period
October 1, 2017 (Sun) - February 28, 2018 (Wed)
  • Special Prize
    A pair of FOC Business Class Tickets to Japan for 2 winners *Ticket effective for departure date from February 1, 2018 (Thu) – December 31, 2018 (Mon)
    * If departing flight is operated by VNA, returning flight will be operated by ANA. And if departing flight is operated by ANA, returning flight will be operated by VNA.
  • 1st Prize
    Apple iPhone X for 4 winners
  • 2nd Prize
    Aircraft Model B787 (scale 1:200) for 50 winners
  • 3rd Prize
    Gilt Voucher AEONMALL for 200 winners

Lucky draw prizes only eligible for applicants who apply the wifi router campaign in website www.ana-vna.com and departure date is within October 1, 2017 – December 29, 2017

  • The Campaign Applicants are restricted to those who reside in Vietnam.
  • The Applicants must be 02 years old or above as of October 1, 2017 (Sun).
  • This campaign is only for the Applicants who purchase eligible ticket through Vietnam Airlines website, ANA Sky Web (Vietnam) or travel agencies, official ticketing office located in Vietnam.
  • Reserved and purchased ticket originated from Vietnam to Japan, through Vietnam Airlines website, ANA Sky Web (Vietnam) or travel agencies, official ticketing office located in Vietnam. Itinerary travelling date from Vietnam on October 1, 2017 (Sun) - February 28 2018 (Wed). In order to qualify for lucky draw, departure date must be within October 1, 2017 - December 29, 2017.
  • Flight Application: VNA or ANA operated flights between Vietnam and Japan.
  • First flight sector must be from Vietnam.
  • Valid on adult/Children tickets, not applicable for Infant tickets.
The Campaign’s management office (herein referred to as the "Office") will randomly select the winners of the Campaign (herein referred to as the "Winner(s)"
The draw will be held at the following date and venue or such other date or time as VNA and ANA may determine at its sole and absolute discretion:

Date of draw:
January 20, 2018 (Sat)

Date and time of Gift Award:
January 25, 2018, 10:00 AM

VNA Office
Each participant shall only be entitled to win a maximum of one (1) prize.

The winners will be individually notified from the Office via email with a prize confirmation form before January 22 , 2018. Only the Winners will receive result notifications. We will not respond to inquiries regarding the reasons for selection or progress.
In the event that the winner is found to have breached the Terms and Conditions, or if the winner cannot be contacted via his/her email within 10 days from the date of the Office’s notification, the prize shall be forfeited and Donate 50% prize value into state budget pursuant to policy statement in Clause 4, Article 96, Vietnamese Commercial Law.
The Special & 1st prizes will be gifted to winners in the Award Ceremony on Thursday, January 25, 2018 at Vietnam Airlines JSC, at 200 Nguyen Son Street, Bo De Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi.
Others prizes will be sent to the winners in Vietnam home/office address as registered. The prizes cannot be changed or redeemed for cash and cannot be sold or transferred to others.
VNA and ANA reserve the right to disclose and/or publish the name of the winners for publicity purposes.
Flight will be strictly departing from Vietnam only.
Ticket is not exchangeable for cash, non-transferable, non-endorsable, non- reroutable and non-refundable under any circumstances.
Seats are subject to availability.
Ticket is ineligible for Lotusmiles Program or ANA Mileage Club mileage accrual & upgrading using mileage is not allowed.
Applicable taxes and surcharges shall be paid fully by special prize winners and payable by cash only.
Ticket is valid on flight date shown.
Changes are not permitted, once booking is confirmed.
Ticket is valid for one month from date of departure out from Vietnam.

Travel period: February 1, 2018 (Thu) – December 31, 2018 (Mon)
Booking and ticketing must be made at least 2 weeks before departure for travel from Vietnam.
Prize not claimed on/before January 1, 2019 shall be forfeited. No extension of validity under any circumstances is allowed.
The campaign has been closed